he love and respect we’ve held for antique rare books and the history they travel with from generation to generation is the passion that fuels this site. We grasp the significance and importance of literature in todays modern world regardless of genre. Reading matters... period. The joys of classic or hyper-modern literature, the tears poetry brings, the faith and reason that religion and philosophy sheds light upon, or the memories a children’s story can revive.

The quest of hunting down that book is the fuel for the collector and finding that one perfect book can become daunting at times; providing you that service is our goal on this site. We’ve pulled together books from our shelves and teamed up with other reputable and eclectic sellers to gather you the most unique and widest selection search in one place.

Sharing stories and information is essential to learning from one another and we will be adding articles frequently on literary topics, writers, illustrators, award winning books, book selling and collecting. We encourage you, our community, to submit topics you'd like featured, and your personal stories on anything to do with books and writers. Shoot us an email and we will try to include it in our newsletter.

Hunt the treasure... and treasure the hunt.

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